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Since several years, we are creating meaningful and well structured ecosystems of different organisations. Together, they make groundbreaking innovation happen. We are an ecosystem ourselves, a unique blend of purpose-driven innovators, community shapers, strategic designers, business transformation experts and change makers. BOND International is a joint mission of betahausX, N+P Design and SPINPARTNERS.

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What we do

We create meaningful ecosystems of different organisations. Together, they make groundbreaking innovation happen. We follow a co-creation approach, together with our clients and the different parties of an ecosystem. Our formats start with initial purpose definition workshops, strategic ecosystem visions and blueprints, cover the design and set-up of ecosystems and might include the full-scale ongoing operations of ecosystems.

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Key challenges of our time can only be solved through collaboration in ecosystems. They are more innovative, faster and better able to distribute risks. We understand an ecosystem to be a coherent, structured and active collaboration of different organizations, focused on a common purpose. Typically, the purpose is cross-industry and can best be addressed by an interdisciplinary mix of diverse organizations, e.g., from corporations, mid-sized companies, startups, universities, and so on. Collaboration “at eye level” can take place along the value chain of an industry (e.g. from raw material to consumer) or between different industries (e.g. food and mobility). Our proven ecosystem framework was developed over years in many projects.

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Christiane Bausback

Design and
communication expert

Christiane Bausback

Managing Director at N+P

> Award-winning cross-industry designer
> Many years of experience with international business partners
> Pioneer in the development of user experiences across all touch points for mobility, industry, medical and home solutions
> Extensive experience in international market research studies

Helmut Ramsauer

Business transformation and ecosystem building expert

Helmut Ramsauer

Managing Partner at SPINPARTNERS

> Many years of experience in digital transformation and innovation programs
> Expert in business ecosystems with corporations, mid-sized companies, startups and public institutions > Corporate leadership experience, serial founder, senior advisor for startups and innovation hubs
> Experience in mobility & logistics, digital, food, services, industry

Maximilian Von Der Ahe

Community building and event management expert

Maximilian von der Ahé

CEO at Betahaus

> Globally networked designer of creative communities and events
> Managing director: betahausX & betahaus
> Founder betahaus and betahausX, an international community of innovators and creatives
> Serial entrepreneur who created betahausX, a global scouting program
> Extensive experience in benefit-driven innovation and building business ecosystems

Pupose Definition

Purpose definition workshops

Regional Innovation Hub

We supported the city of Neukirchen-Vluyn and the intermunicipal wir4 economic development agency in the framework conception of the idea for a regional innovation center within a planned creative quarter. In an exploratory phase, the views of various stakeholders in the regional business and innovation ecosystem were explored. These perspectives were incorporated into the design of an interdisciplinary workshop.
The participants included the mayor and the municipal administration of the city of Neukirchen-Vluyn, the intermunicipal economic development agency wir4, several regional universities, social institutions, real estate developers and various business enterprises.
The workshop was conducted virtually using various online collaboration tools. Not only the moderation but also the technical process received much positive feedback. Though this process, it was possible to unite the different points of view into a common conceptual framework. This included the basic thematic orientation of an innovation center, a profile of requirements and functions, synergies with the surrounding creative quarter, and the clarification of willingness to participate.

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Pupose Definition

Strategic vision and ecosystem blueprint

Cross-industry ecosystem
in Food & Mobility

Development of a holistic approach for premium mobile dining experiences: “Food & Mobility as a service” based on trends in nutrition, consumption behaviour, mobility and connectivity. Desk research, stakeholder interviews, workshops with startups, holistic vision with all dgital and physical touchpoint designs, blueprint for a cross-industry ecosystem, multiple formats: landing page, video, co-creation workshop, articles in journals, conference presentations, Based on the blue prints, many projects conderning implementation of ecosystems especially in mobility.
AVA is an intermodal platform concept, which enables travellers to access food throughout their whole travel chain. Intermodal dynamic routing eases the matching of individual mobility and food chains.
The concept AVA was made tangible through high-quality renderings and UI/UX design. The real-life implementation of such a holistic cross-industry ecosystem has already begun.

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Pupose Definition

Design and set-up of ecosystems

Industrial Internet-of-things

Conception and management of startup challenges and ecosystem programs for production and mechanical engineering companies based on the IoT platform Siemens MindSphere. We were responsibile for international scouting, conception of various innovation events with industry practitioners and startups, comprehensive marketing (film, mailing, website, scoial media, PR, ...). The challenges and ecosystem development resulted in pilot projects for the startups and led to significant strengthening of the relationship between the companies of the IoT-Ecosystem as well as increased media attention.

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Pupose Definition

Ecosystem operator

Large and holistic
mobility ecosystem

The realignment of a large program also includes a brand & communicative relaunch. Identification of joint business development projects in an ecosystem of corporations and start-ups. Program development, market intelligence, partner summit events, scouting & matchmaking, website, image film. Due to Corona, the complete program. Complete management of a large startup and ecosystem program as operator. Flexibile and agile reaction to the developing COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the transformation into a completely remote and digital partner summit event.

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